Side Effects. 

Tablets, capsules, liquids and ointments
We take for one thing, side effects leave us needing more treatment
Take this for the pain
Other systems feel the strain
Take this for inflammation
My wall lining needs protection
This is the field I work in, so I understand so well
But at times my compliance is questionable, you really couldn’t tell
I can understand so many of the patients frustrations
Full aware of the benefits but the side effects can be such a deterrent 


We all know how important it is to take our prescribed medication, they’ve obviously been prescribed for a reason. Three times a day doesn’t mean take once a day or whenever you feel to. To feel the desired effects we must take our medication correctly.

As a senior pharmacy technician one of my job roles is to counsel patients on how to take their medication, it’s very easy to explain but sometimes it can be very hard to understand why a patient doesn’t comply when we are only trying to help them, when we both know the medication will help them feel better.
Being a fellow patient myself, being an individual who also has to take multiple drugs everyday I can sympathise. I understand.

Here’s a reason I can completely relate to..
The Side Effects
Some of these medications can cause some undesirable side effects. I’m not talking about side effects in which if experienced you’re advised to discontinue. It’s the annoying inconvenient side effects to otherwise simple medications, the ones you could really do without having such as constipation from taking things such as codeine or tramadol regularly. This isn’t your everyday normal constipation, this is a different level. Backed up for days can I keep it real for a minute, days turn to weeks. You can’t eat, you feel sick it’s like a bad joke gone wrong. So then your left having to take something to treat your side effects. If your anything like me, you leave it so long the only thing that works is the good old fashion Chinese make you run remedies..we all know what that means. Not cool.

Despite all of this lets say polite complaining, it really is important that we do take our prescribed medication. The key is understanding and planning. Understand what you are taking and what possible side effects you may experience. Speak to your pharmacist. Speak to your g.p. Whatever medication you may need to treat any possible side effects, it’s best to get it prescribed at the beginning. This way you can mentally prepare yourself for the amount of drugs you are going to be taking daily.

There are many others experiencing exactly what your experiencing, so you’re not alone. There are thousands experiencing things you couldn’t even imagine. Sometimes I think about the side effects cancer patients experience, the pain they feel and it really puts things into perspective.

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2 thoughts on “Side Effects. 

  1. An excellent post. I’m always cautious with medications both for me and my kids and I like to find out about possible side effects etc. Thanks again.

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