Pick up your cross & walk

You say be still. Be still in The Lord Thoughts moving at the speed of light
You say breathe. Take a moment.
Life doesn’t have to be a constant fight

You can not fight the world it’s time to positively reach new heights
Your no’s will change to yes, closed doors will creak wide open
We all have choices in life..
A positive mind breeds positive actions, this isn’t just a notion

Ever knowing God Almighty, have you not already forgiven our sins?
Heal us inside out, help us to forgive ourselves. Restore us from within.

A world burdened with baggage.
We walk around with permanent frowns, shoulders slumped like our load is truly heavy
How dare we. Whipped and shamed you carried that cross for us. So lets choose to stand up, look life dead In the eye and say.. life we are ready.

I’m Ready..

Breathe Think Write release

Originally posted on my old site Cloudywaves ©2014

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