I do it for the release…

Forget the stats, I don’t do this for the praise
What does a ‘like’ really mean..does it truely validate the depths of what I am feeling
My emotions spill out on to paper
I release for me, transfer of energy the aim
I want to paint a picture in your mind, allow you to instantly feel my pain

What’s a world where we only do it for the glory
What’s a world where we continuously photoshop our story
I want you to see me for who I truly am
An individual not yet whole, an individual on the mend
Are you the only one struggling? Plagued by highs and lows, emotions up and down like a yoyo
No! Are you not human or have you convinced yourself of the lies you so frequently tell

Audience of 1 or 10000 I’d still write the same, careless this isn’t about fame
I’d say whatever the hell was on my mind, I’d speak the truth with no shame 
I do it for the release, in this cold world trying to find peace

On that note..
Don’t just press like because it’s something to do
Press like because you truly appreciate, understand or feel the words you just read
Otherwise scroll on by i’ll take no offence
Let’s be honest these likes earn me not one pence 

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

Disclaimer: Originally posted on my old blog Cloudywaves Feb 2015

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