Waiting.. Don’t be a victim. Silence The Voices

What do I want to say
What am I going to say
Pit in my stomach’s churning
Boring a hole into my chest 
No rest heart pounding
Mind’s shifting frequencies
Breathe take a moment to think
Re-tuning thoughts realigning 
Silencing the voices 

My heart beats faster as the time draws nearer
Looking for my escape but facing this is my only escape

Waiting room nerves 

We all go through this at some point. Most have been in a similar situation whilst waiting for an appointment. Whatever the reason for the appointment, whilst we’re waiting all these things cross our mind. Will they understand? Will they do anything? Maybe I’m being silly, maybe I’m imagining it? Will they believe me?

What I’d say to everyone is you can’t allow fear to stop you from getting the help or advice you may need. At times the voices in our head, our self talk hinders us from acting or making the right decisions. Whatever it is remember there have been many more before you, not to take anything away from what you may be going through but it’s very rare to find a unique situation anymore. There are others who have been in the exact same position you are in. I used to think why me how much surgery can one shoulder take until I met people in my situation at different stages in their journey. It made me see life is dealing out  cards to everyone whether you want them or not. We all find ourselves going through tough times at some point, it’s how we respond. So yes, there are people out there who understand exactly what you are going through right now. Be it, physical, mental, financial whatever it is you’re not the first. Take comfort in knowing that, silence the voices and do what you have to dos

dont be a victim of negative self talk, rember you are listening
Photo Credit: Pinterest

You can have these moments of self doubt and fear at anytime, It could even be an interview or important meeting. The same concept applies, they’re our thoughts, the moment we become aware of them we can try and control them. We don’t have to allow our negative self talk to run wild we can change them to positive thoughts. It’s take a conscious effort on our part, which can not seize the moment we achieve our goals. 

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

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