An open letter to my Brothers & Sisters.. 

A system set up to fail you
Trapped by the cage they built
Man made, institutionalised lies filtering through the generations
Pigeon holed but you can not see
Believing what you’re told 
Not seeking for yourself
Conforming to your stereotype 
Stereotypically blind
That’s what they hope 
We make it so easy
We must learn our history as to understand the power we hold
A powerful people not weak as portrayed
Educated folk not senseless as they report
Self taught. My brothers and sisters.
Our history did not begin at slavery. 
A Rich land. We were more
Can you not see, you are more, be more.
Rosa parks, Selma to Montgomery, black power, I have a dream
Black lives matter, panthers, emancipation proclamation 
Is it all not the same thing?
How many fought before 
Injustice, equality, freedom
It can not be in vain
How many live free? Subconsciously mentally enslaved. 
Barely living but barely surviving 
Enslaved by failing systems, falling right into the trap
Rise up, wake up we are a powerful people

-Dionne MT-

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