Control Without Control

Last night I wrote what i considered to be quite a good post, that’s not to say it actually was though. What I usually find is the pieces I put effort into and really think about no one usually cares about, most people prefer the raw uncut stuff which just naturally flows from within. So after pressing the wrong button and deleting the whole post without a backup I decided it was probably for the best. Don’t get me wrong immediately after I was fuming because who knows what the heck I wrote?! Trust me there are times I read back something I wrote and I’m amazed because I literally don’t remember writing it. Most of the time when I write I’m literally just relaying one of the many trail of thoughts I’m having at that time. Once I have them they are usually gone forever unless I’ve written it down.  

Anyway so last nights post was me talking about control, basically how we always want to feel like we are in control. No one wants to be seen as weak. I think we’ve some how developed a some what primitive almost arrogant I must be in control way of thinking. I’ve realised this need to always be in control can have a negative impact on our life. We have to be able to recognise when we need to let go of some of that control. 

Giving up control at the right time to the right people or situations can ultimately help us gain control. Having the humility to recognise this is what separates us. 

Control is just an illusion. Think about it we are never really in total control of anything. It’s this thinking that we are or can be what is usually our undoing.

You can still be in control without being in control. Control is just an illusion. 

-Dionne MT-

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