Real life no filter

Sometimes I feel so defeated
Deaf by words drowned in thought
Is the constant pressure really needed
but still we feed it, we pressure ourselves
Why are we so hard on ourselves
Is it money, is it status is it clothes or maybe a car we don’t need
Playing a game we don’t need to play chasing pounds to throw away

Do you ever ask yourself is this life
Is this it, is this all you have for me
There’s got to me more I want more I demand more.. I know there’s more to this world than what we all see

I wish I could say I never think negative thoughts or I never have down moments but this is real life no filter just raw footage, the camera’s constantly rolling there is no take two
There’s a mental war going on the battle will never stop, who will see it through?

I can paint it nice or I can paint it real
Picasso never made it look pretty but he sure produced art
Amongst the mess, amongst the pain and confusion that is my mind there is a message
I began by saying sometimes I feel defeated but I’m ending with, sometimes not always
We have to always believe there is hope in every situation, light at the end of every tunnel
Hurdle after hurdle I’m still standing so stand with me, the fight isn’t over prepare for battle

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

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