Evening Thoughts: Back to Basics

In life the only thing we have control over is ourselves. 

Another persons actions is based on them, not anything you do or do not do. The same way your actions is based solely on you. So do not blame yourself for another persons behaviour. You may have an influence but ultimately their actions are their own choice.

The things you achieve in life is based on your actions or in some cases lack of. We must stop blaming our circumstances on other people or thinking there is this big conspiracy against us. The only conspiracy is the one you have created in your mind, the limit YOU have placed on your own life. 

We all have a choice to live the life we want. Nobody can dictate your life, not friends, loved ones, family or even your current situations.

Choose the life you want and act accordingly to bring it about.

Our actions are everything.

-Dionne MT-
Breathe Think Write Release

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