Grateful, Glad, Vindicated..

Grateful, glad, I feel vindicated Every decision made, every door I closed Closed not knowing what the future holds Closed with a heavy heart but closed with no regrets I live a life where you’re either in or you’re out, it’s either all the way or no way at all All I had was a … Continue reading Grateful, Glad, Vindicated..

Orchestrated snaps..

You look from the outside in yearning for what they have But you don’t see the cracks papered over with tissue paper You don’t hear the lies they tell each other or the facts they fail to mention You just see the smiling faces in orchestrated snaps and insta stories Friendships based on common enemies … Continue reading Orchestrated snaps..

Snap Crackle Pop

Skiing white slopes swinging from trees seeking the next high Seeking the next buzz never to be fulfilled Always seeking the next seeking the best Appetites never satisfied thirst never quenched  A desire to have more a desire to feel more A desire to do more a desire to be more Never enough, please sir … Continue reading Snap Crackle Pop

Morning Thoughts: Gratitude changes everything..

Everyday we wake is another day we've been blessed with life. Sometimes we take the smallest things for granted like waking up or having a job to go to. There are so many people who would give their right arm to be in the situation we are in, to simply be alive.. a situation we … Continue reading Morning Thoughts: Gratitude changes everything..

How can we enjoy tomorrow if we can’t appreciate today?!

We always have a tendency to focus on what we don't have. Always searching for something new but never appreciating what we already have. When we get these new things will we not just seek out more new things. Will these things not loose the importance we once placed on them the moment we get … Continue reading How can we enjoy tomorrow if we can’t appreciate today?!