Snap Crackle Pop

Skiing white slopes swinging from trees seeking the next high
Seeking the next buzz never to be fulfilled
Always seeking the next seeking the best
Appetites never satisfied thirst never quenched 

A desire to have more a desire to feel more
A desire to do more a desire to be more
Never enough, please sir can I have some more
There is more but what if there was no more?

Can we not be grateful for now whilst still yearning for higher highs 
Can we not appreciate all we have whilst looking for greener trees and bigger gains
Spontaneity where no two days are the same, where people laugh when it rains
Where no one suffers in vain better yet a world free from pain

Some say this is wishful thinking some dream world living
I say if I can see it and believe it then it’s great planning 
Orchestrating aligning the dots, matching the snap with the crackle the crackle with the pop

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

Gratitude changes everything

One thought on “Snap Crackle Pop

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