Motivation, determination and frustration
Self-assurance, confidence and perseverance

It is within me, it is within you
I motivate I
You motivate you

Self belief, forward thinking and ambition
Positivity, drive and dedication

The dreamers of this world, the believers
The grafters of this worlds, the achievers

“People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with MEDIOCRITY
no matter how impressive their other talents”   – Andrew Carnegie another Great minds of past

We must learn how to motivate ourselves. Motivation shouldn’t come from your friends, family or loved ones it starts with you.

Ask yourself these question..
What drives you?
What’s your reason for getting out of bed each morning?
What makes you work harder on your job?
What is your motivation?

We must all find our reason.

So many people look to others to motivate them, so many say I want to find someone who is going to motivate me.
Motivation starts from within, how can we expect to attract people who motivate us if we can not motivate ourself.

A man who motivates himself can not be stopped.

There are no limits to what you can achieve when you live like this.

Set goals, aim high dream big.

Motivate yourself.

Take action.

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