Overwhelmed.. Therapy 101

We hide behind wide smiles masking troubled times Only a few will see what's really inside We put on brave faces not to let our armour chip  Meanwhile inside we feel like a sinking ship Being drowned overwhelmed by the surrounding waters Mentally exhausted in this moment looking for shelter Looking for a place to … Continue reading Overwhelmed.. Therapy 101

#BreakTheCycle Let’s talk about mental health

#BreakTheCycle  1 in 4 people each year will experience a mental health issue, 1 in 6 adults each week experience the same mental health issue. These numbers blow my mind but at the same time do not surprise me. I think the situation could be even worse due to the fact there are so many … Continue reading #BreakTheCycle Let’s talk about mental health

To Self Medicate Or Not? Sleepless Nights..

Should I sip this morphine or just lay here in vain  Awake through the night sleeping 9am till midday Is it the pain or just my mind playing tricks playing games Games of cat and mouse chasing thoughts away Back fourth up down, round and round my mind keeps on spinning  Like a hamster on … Continue reading To Self Medicate Or Not? Sleepless Nights..

Insomnia Humour?! Screw your sheep

My body clock has malfunctioned, I'm on the grave yard shift 4.20AM shifting gears switching lanes, taking vape hits  Hit after hit sip after sip Swigging from the bottle Head spinning full throttle I just want to sleep Screw your sheep oh macdonald and his farm Pigs, cows.. the whole barn Right now there's no … Continue reading Insomnia Humour?! Screw your sheep

Drug Induced Sleep.. Dreams & Nightmares

Weird and wonderful colourful dreams I was riding a donkey down a gold molten stream Alice in wonderland falling through the rabbit hole Upside down thinking large goals I see purple rain and yellow wind Green sky, blue grass and dogs sing Birds barking swimming cats Children rule in top hats I like this world … Continue reading Drug Induced Sleep.. Dreams & Nightmares