Overwhelmed.. Therapy 101

We hide behind wide smiles masking troubled times
Only a few will see what’s really inside

We put on brave faces not to let our armour chip 
Meanwhile inside we feel like a sinking ship
Being drowned overwhelmed by the surrounding waters
Mentally exhausted in this moment looking for shelter

Looking for a place to unload all my woes
Cracks begin to appear breaking backs carrying loads 
Extreme emotions pendulum constantly swinging it begins to take its toil
One day high on the moon 
The next I can’t leave my room

So many thoughts my mind feels like it’s spinning
It’s like multiple people inside my head screaming
Then there’s me on the outside trying to get a word in and reason 
When it’s too much they overpower me, ousted for treason

I have to find a way to slow my mind down 
I have to dig deep to stay sound
Self talking myself up from a low
I already know how that story goes
Negativity breeds more negativity 
Positive thinking brings good energy

I may be down in the moment but I will always rise
I’ve seen dark days turn to weeks to ruined lives
So when my mind feels overwhelmed and I feel stressed out, I’ll try and write through the feelings
Staying silent doesn’t help writing calms me helps me release, therapy 101 this is my healing

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

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