Insomnia Humour?! Screw your sheep

My body clock has malfunctioned, I’m on the grave yard shift
4.20AM shifting gears switching lanes, taking vape hits 
Hit after hit sip after sip
Swigging from the bottle
Head spinning full throttle
I just want to sleep
Screw your sheep
oh macdonald and his farm
Pigs, cows.. the whole barn

Right now there’s no consistency there’s no pattern 
I lay In bed trying to get comfortable thinking let’s see what happens
Why don’t I take sleeping tablets
No thanks, who’s gonna help me kick that habit
I’d be stuck in a cycle, life long dependency 
I know me, I’ve got abusive tendencies 
I can’t sleep, I need to sleep, I really want to sleep
Is it the pain, is it my mind, oh wait maybe I just need to eat

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release 

Photo Credit: Got Insomnia? 8 Tips to help you get the sleep you need

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