The different faces of summer

Potion mixing Vision inducing Herb inhaling Pill popping Snow skiing Wave riding Club hoping Music blaring Two stepping Head bopping Drink driving Uber catching Road stumbling Sun seeking Holiday jetting Beach lying Picture taking Double dating Roof settings Cocktail sipping River viewing Shisha smoking Stranger befriending Festival screaming Canal cruising Country escaping City living The … Continue reading The different faces of summer

Welcome to my world.. come if you dare

Welcome to my world the year is 2018, humans rarely answer the landline and we do not pick up private numbers unless we just had an interview, everyone else can leave a voicemail. We communicate with abbreviations, emojis ands gifs. Most socialising is reserved for social media or the summer season maybe spring if you … Continue reading Welcome to my world.. come if you dare

Insomnia Humour?! Screw your sheep

My body clock has malfunctioned, I'm on the grave yard shift 4.20AM shifting gears switching lanes, taking vape hits  Hit after hit sip after sip Swigging from the bottle Head spinning full throttle I just want to sleep Screw your sheep oh macdonald and his farm Pigs, cows.. the whole barn Right now there's no … Continue reading Insomnia Humour?! Screw your sheep