The penny drops.. Breakups

Every time you go through a break up, a point comes when you start reevaluating your life.
All that time lost, what was the point?
What does my future hold?
What do I want from life?
I surely can’t do this again
What now?
It’s so funny how a relationship can define your life.

We put so much in expecting a return, but when it doesn’t go to plan your left thinking Fuck!

Stuck in yesterday, we sit back reminisce and dwell on the past.
I should have done this, I could of done that
Am I a shit partner? Do I even deserve another chance at love?
The answer is yes you do, yes we do.

We all deserve to find that true unconditional love. That love that will whether any storm.
In life everything happens for a reason.
There’s a reason it didn’t work out with your past lovers.
There’s a reason for everything.
Somewhere out there that unconditional love is waiting, waiting patiently..
..To put up with your bullshit!

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