Welcome to my world.. come if you dare

Welcoming all life form to earth

Welcome to my world the year is 2018, humans rarely answer the landline and we do not pick up private numbers unless we just had an interview, everyone else can leave a voicemail.

We communicate with abbreviations, emojis ands gifs. Most socialising is reserved for social media or the summer season maybe spring if you peak early but at no point, this is strictly forbidden do we show up at someone’s home unannounced.

Welcome welcome.. welcome all, come down if you dare
It’s both daunting and exciting times here on Earth
The world is plagued with disease, divided by war not to mention ruled by egos and money.

There’s corruption, systematic abuse of power, we’ve had the types of evils occur that we watch in movies, massacres, genocide, whole nations enslaved. This world sure is a piece of work, we use to read about them in history books now we read about them in newspapers.

Some of our young are fighting and killing each other, some of our elders can not be trusted. There’s a lot of lies and there’s a lot of deceit, not everything is always as it seems down here. You have to protect your energy by any means necessary, you’ll have to make some difficult decisions to survive life here on Earth.

Welcome to my world come if you dare, not everyone survives, the terrain is rough but it’s seas tides always settle .

If you figure out this place it’s not that bad at all, I’ll get to all the juicy stuff later such as the immense powers of my world but for now I’ll leave you with this.

Signed. A friendly Earthling

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

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