I love you today

What’s love? A few letters mashed together or is love a feeling? What’s love if it’s not unconditional? Why do you love? Is it because the person makes you happy, is it because they’ve got nice clothes, a sweet face, good job or do you love them because of how they make you feel or … Continue reading I love you today

The Seasons Always Change

In your feelings impulsive words regrettable actions Sanctions placed impractical solutions Resolutions, empty words truth dilution Revolving doors mental preparation Emotional penetration mind games going round in circles He's Jumping hurdles going through the motions She's treading egg shells siping potions Both considering options both looking for problems Picking fights looking for reasons Spitting venom … Continue reading The Seasons Always Change

Damage Control

Our yes's mean no and our no's mean yes We do the opposite of what we truly want damage control in full effect  We feel the effects so what damage are we really controlling  Testing our limits matters of the heart manipulating  Pulling strings cutting cords  But there's no way to cut the invisible cords  … Continue reading Damage Control

Lost In Translation

Mind games why do we play them. When did life become so complicated where no one speaks the truth, no one says what's really on their mind, so afraid of the response. Instead we engage in strategic games of mind chess always considering our next 5 steps. Rarely in the moment we live our present … Continue reading Lost In Translation

Communication Problems

Impulsive unthought actions  Explosive irrational reactions We act unprepared to face the consequences of our decisions Plagued by confusion misunderstandings and indecisions Do we listen to the mind or heart Do we listen to the feelings that last That niggling feeling deep inside  That voice we hear we try to hide  Or do we just … Continue reading Communication Problems