Love lost never..

Love lost never We close the door We block the connection We dodge, we dive.. but once conjured it can not be confined Pain you’ll never be deprived Memories like ghost we sacrifice uncertainty for security, lust for love We mistake caring for lack of trust Possessiveness for being in love -Dionne MT- Breathe Think … Continue reading Love lost never..

Relationships are like flowers..

Relationships are like flowers, if you do not water them they will not grow. They take constant work and pruning, the moment you decide to sit back and get comfortable is the moment you start to starve your relationship of the vital ingredients it needs to grow and flourish. As a society we’ve almost accepted … Continue reading Relationships are like flowers..

Seasons change

So many messages I never sent So many phone calls I never made Everything happens for a reason Seasons change feelings dissipate Emotions close time doesn’t wait Friends become foes hearts become cold So many stories untold So many half truths told no one folds They judge what they do not know Celebrate your woes … Continue reading Seasons change

I love you today

What’s love? A few letters mashed together or is love a feeling? What’s love if it’s not unconditional? Why do you love? Is it because the person makes you happy, is it because they’ve got nice clothes, a sweet face, good job or do you love them because of how they make you feel or … Continue reading I love you today

The Seasons Always Change

In your feelings impulsive words regrettable actions Sanctions placed impractical solutions Resolutions, empty words truth dilution Revolving doors mental preparation Emotional penetration mind games going round in circles He's Jumping hurdles going through the motions She's treading egg shells siping potions Both considering options both looking for problems Picking fights looking for reasons Spitting venom … Continue reading The Seasons Always Change