Attention Seeking.. Why?!

Attention seeking people pleasing all I see is egos
Whose entertaining whose feeding these souls
Damaged children producing an insecure adult generation 
Was it the lack of love or the lack of basic attention 
It wasn’t their intention, it’s all they knew
They grew from roots the mans religion not knowing what was true
Empathy at its lowest show no emotion attitude at it’s highest
Now very few 20 plus no how to deal with their emotions
Years of pent up emotion leading to current day frustrations
No one talks skimming surfaces no digging too deep
Acting out like children trying to get the attention you seek

The thing is.. that doesn’t work anymore woke adults see past all of this 
Grown folks are not feeding into this all they see is hissy fits
Toxic energy vibes, we see your tricks we see your games
Positive vibes, We can’t mix we can’t blend switching lanes

Never demand what isn’t given freely
Let life and all it’s element flow naturally 
All the attention seeking in the world won’t grant you want isn’t yours 
There’s rules to this universe, there are levels there are laws

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

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