Chapter 30.. Why didn’t anyone tell me 30 felt so good?!

30 is the new 20
Chapter 30 begins, I welcome it with open arms. 

So I’ve heard so many people saying 30 is the new 20 and if I’m honest I thought it was something people just said to make themselves feel better..but it isn’t. I woke up as a 30 year old and I felt great. I felt like I just entered this new and exciting time in my life. 30! When did that happen? Where did all those years go? Who knows, time really does fly. I remember being 25 and giving myself a few goals to reach by 30. I said I’ll own my home and I do. I said my life will be stable and it is. I said I will truly know myself and I do. I’m still growing, and adapting to the challenges life throws at me but I’m in a place where I can say life is good. Life is good!

It took me a long time to realise how important it is to be yourself, many from my past did not actually know the real me or understand my being because if they did they’d probably still be in my life.. but to be honest they didn’t have much chance because the real me was hidden beneath this image I thought I had to portray, all my good was consumed by anger and by me not knowing myself. I’m grateful for all that has happened to this point or I’d still be that person, that person I no longer even recognise. 

To put it nicely my 20’s proved to be testing, I made a lot of mistakes and I learned a lot about myself and those around me. I’ve done some stupid things, my records far from squeaky clean. I shed tears, I broke hearts, I laughed loads, I caused pain, I felt pain, I’ve lusted, I’ve loved. I’ve fallen, I’ve gotten up, I’ve picked up the pieces of what I call my life and I’ve found true happiness. Unconditional happiness, a happiness that is determined by me and me alone. Honestly sometimes I think I’m too happy for life, my cheeks hurt! I wake up smiling and go to work skipping.. well unless I’m hungry of course! I live a life of peace, love and positivity and it feels great. That’s all I’m trying to spread and surround myself with, good energy and positive vibes. 

I realised everything in life is about the mindset you have, how you approach situations changes when you understand all things are temporary and when you understand that you have a choice in all that you do. Life isn’t happening to us, our life is a result of the choices we make. When we make better choices we get better outcomes.

As this new chapter begins I wish to continue on this journey of self exploration and awareness, learning how to use my subconscious mind to my benefit whilst becoming the best possible version of myself.

There is no better time for this chapter to begin. What a time to be alive I feel great, why didn’t anyone tell me club 30 felt so good!  

Love love

-Dionne MT-

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 30.. Why didn’t anyone tell me 30 felt so good?!

  1. What a great post, and happy birthday! I felt the same way with turning 30. It really isn’t all that bad, and like you said, it’s actually great. Because in my opinion, we’ve done so much learning and growing, and hurting and breaking in our 20’s, that we’re somewhat put back together with a little more self awareness, and we can step into our 30’s with something fresh, grateful and also centered. Happy Birthday again!

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