2AM Thought: Give credit where credit is due

Where credit is due we usually give it so why is it we rarely give ourselves the credit we deserve. Why do we rarely pat ourselves on the back acknowledging the hard work we’ve put in. We wait for others to tell us we’ve done well before we acknowledge our own efforts. Did our achievements only become valid when they were noticed by another?

Give yourself credit quotes

At times we can be so hard on ourselves when we have so many reasons not to be. We can not punish ourselves forever or continuously pay for our past mistakes over and over. A time must come when we allow ourselves to be free from the burden of our past, we must rise up and be better. The best motivation in life comes from within, with humility acknowledge when you get it right so you can be motivated and encouraged to keep getting it right.

It’s ok to tell yourself well done.

-Dionne MT-

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7 thoughts on “2AM Thought: Give credit where credit is due

  1. There are a few reasons why we hold our tongues when it comes to speaking about our accomplishments. Sometimes its because other people assume that we think we are better than them and that we are arrogant. So we try to play the meek card to make them feel better. We also don’t want to arouse other peoples’ jealousy and resentment. Another reason is because most peoples’ religion has taught/ trained them to be humble. But I think the definition of humble has been scrambled up in translation.
    I said all that to say that I agree with you though! Even though I am hard on myself, I know that I am doing really well and have already accomplished a lot of things in my short time here.
    Great post and thank you for this inspiration.

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