Lies, Bullshit & Pretending.. Speaking Freely

    Lies bullshit and pretending
    Defending our actions 
    Ashamed, what we fear is reactions
    What we fear is judgement
    In reality we judge ourselves, it’s never as bad as we imagine.
    We imagine the worse  
    We expect the worse
    Because we think the worse
    Mentally working ourselves into frenzies
    Overthinking and stressing we’re our own worse enemies, mistaken for crazies
    Faith in friends ruined by frenemies
    Tongues untied for my truths at the stake you may now burn me, speaking freely 

    At life we’re all stabbing in the dark everything spinning moving fast, unshackle me 
    Free men sitting on hopes and dreams, trapped enslaved mentally
    Our doubts and fears echo out like loud screams
    Both strong and weak begging to be free on a wooden raft floating down stream
    Do you understand or can you still not see
    Do you choose not to see or do you just not believe

    -Dionne MT-

    Breathe Think Write Release

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