Win Learn Win Learn… Mindset is everything

Reflection and hindsight 
It was an emotional emotionless trip 
All aboard set sail 
Embracing the moments 
Everything is temporary 
Coffins and tokens
Appreciation commiserations 
Win learn win learn 
Hearts in hands, bombs drop tables turn
Ego ego ego
Not everyone is out for themselves 
Love thy enemy and thy neighbour
Wish no harm on your brother
Cause and effect Newtons laws, who thinks Karma is real?
The energy you put out is the energy that comes back
If not now then later
Who’s really thinking about tomorrow
Cause pain feel pain 
Give love feel love

Life’s spinning roulette game
Break it, rolling sixes no choice but to play 
Choose what you get back 
Put out good vibes 
Once you’ve reaped your past slack
Will a time not come when only good will come back
Lets look at the facts
Lets adapt our minds and look out for the signs
Play life at its own game
Lets not get played by life
Life a bitch then you die 
Well that’s a lie or the truth.. depending on your mind

Mindset is everything

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release 

mindset is everything
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