The Truth Will Set You Free..

The more mistakes we make in life you start to realise that for some individuals they will always use those mistakes to try and define you. Especially those who don’t really know you or haven’t connected with you on a deeper level. You know we’re all so good at hiding our true natures, it’s usually only a select few who truly see you for you. There are those that spend their lives judging as if they are perfect without fault and then those who are realistic. Realistic to the fact that shit happens, no man is perfect nor should any man be put on a pedal stool. 

This is one of the many problems in our society today, sometimes we place such high expectations on those around us and even those we don’t know such as celebrities that when they make a mistake all hell brakes loose. Everything is taken so personal these days. Who stops to ask what is actually going on in this persons life or mind. Instead of tackling the mistake should we not be digging deeper and tackling why these mistakes are actually happening in the first place. At times don’t you think we can all be so narrow minded, a friend could have a mental breakdown right in front of our eyes but we’re so busy taking it personally we push this person away. I wonder how many suicides or jail sentences could have been prevented if someone took the time to ask what is really going on. 

I understand it can be very hard to be objective if these mistakes cause you pain but when you truly care for someone I’ve realised this is exactly what you will eventually do. When you care about someone deeply despite your pain you want to help them. Luckily some of us have individuals in our lives who are selfless, who can look outside in and see things may be deeper than what meets the eye. I’m forever grateful for those individuals in my life because honestly, if it wasn’t for this I might not be here today. Some are not so luckily. It is these people I feel sorry for, it’s these folks I extend my love to. I see you, you are not alone. We all make mistakes some just make bigger mistakes than others, and some make mistakes that no one should ever make but sadly these things unfortunately do happen.

Deep down you know yourself. Sometimes our mistakes rock us to our core challenging everything we believe in and stand for, but you can not let these moments define you, instead use them to shape you for the better. Believe me, you will keep making these mistakes until you open your eyes and deal with the underlying reasons. Trust me. You can not skate around your issues expecting them to disappear because until dealt with, they’ll keep resurfacing each time making life harder for yourself and those around you. 

When I started typing my mind was focused on spewing some noise about.. do the good deeds matter if all people remember are the bad but instead I stumbled into the truth about mistakes. The thing with the truth is it always wants to be free, the stories I try to avoid telling are the stories I need to tell. I’m not trying to paint a perfect picture, or photoshop parts out. This is real life. 

I’ve made what I would class as some really serious mistakes, some you wouldn’t believe and for a very long time I couldn’t believe. As hard as it may be until I was willing to accept these mistakes as being part of me, be it a part I didn’t and still don’t fully understand yet, but until I faced my mistakes I couldn’t really deal with the why. I wasn’t ready. I was ashamed, I was afraid. Shame and fear are two of the biggest factors that will stop you from getting the help and guidance you may need, but for your own sake you can’t let them win.

On that note I’m going to close by reminding us all that no one is perfect. Judge no man, you never know when it could be you making the mistake. 

more people would learn from their mistakes if they wasn't so busy denying them 
-Dionne MT-

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