Let’s not underestimate the power of momentum. Sometimes we have to just run with it. 

At times we think everything has to make perfect sense and we need to know exactly what’s going on, where, why and how, micromanaging trying to plan out our every step of our lives to a t. Life doesn’t work like this, it doesn’t always go to plan, sometimes we need to spend less time on devising a plan or understanding why and just act. 

Me personally I’m someone who is forever in my thoughts, the scientist in me is always looking for an explanation, always trying to grasp some sort of concept and make it make sense when in reality some things need no explanation, not everything’s has to be picked apart looking for an answer. Living in your head being in your feelings constantly doesn’t bring us any closer to our goals. The deepest thinker who doesn’t act is simply just that, a deep thinker. Thinking is all good and dandy but a time comes when we have to use our momentum to keep acting. 

Run with it. Whilst you have this momentum keep going. Along the way there will be a few potholes in the road to try and make us loose momentum but we don’t have to take the bait, jump over those holes as if they wasn’t even there and keep going. 

Momentum. Full steam ahead.

-Dionne MT-

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8 thoughts on “Momentum

  1. This is affirmation. My pops just told me something very similar earlier today. At times I do over think things. I’ve been told that many of times before. I’m going to keep this ball rolling. Thanks for this post.

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