What Are You Really Made Of??

what are you really made of
Sometimes we fall, sometimes we have really bad days where we can’t see a way out of our current situation. In these moments this is where we find out what we’re really made of. Anyone can smile when things are going perfectly and the birds are tweeting sweet songs. In these moments we find and develop a strength that can not be taken away from us. A resilience will be built that will always be inside you ready to tap into at will. So if you can hold on to at least 1% of your strength in your time of despair there is still hope. 

Whenever we go through a bad time in our life in the moment it seems so major as the world is ending. We forget all the truths we know such as everything being temporary. Once you have reached your lowest and you are all cried out you WILL begin to rise. From the bottom there is only one way to go and that is up. Think about it some of the greatest success stories from our time and history have incredible back stories of trouble, pain, rock bottom, hope, dreams, the one thing being constant is that in each and everyone of these stories, the individual never gave up regardless of the amount of set backs they had. They kept on trying again and again until they got it right. 

There’s a place you reach in your mind attainable only through sheer perseverance, that once reached you WILL be unstoppable. Who can tear down the man that has beaten themselves to a pulp, got back up and overcome there deepest troubles? 

Hold on to whatever strength you have left. Sometimes hitting what you’d consider rock bottom isn’t always a bad thing, it causes you to take action.
There’s only one way up from the bottom.

-Dionne MT-

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5 thoughts on “What Are You Really Made Of??

  1. What a great reminder, my family is going through something and when I read this, some sort of comfort pass over me. There’s no way to go but up!

  2. Hi. Thanks for writing this post. It is very true, as we tend to forget that every thing is temporary when we are facing a major challenge.

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