Forgiveness Changes Everything

Forgiveness what’s it really about?
Forgiveness is about you.
Forgiveness is for you.

It never has been and it never will be about the offender. Worry not about them but about yourself, they have their own demons to deal with..demons one day they will discover, one day they will face.

I Forgive you but I will never forget is what we so often say. In reality have we even forgiven them to begin with? We think we have forgiven when in all honesty, we have just brushed the matter under the carpet without dealing with it.
When you forgive a person you actually get over it, forgiveness doesn’t hold grudges.

So many times in relationships, friendships or even family unions something happens which effectively sets us back in life because we haven’t forgiven the offending person. It has a negative effect on us. We wonder why we can’t move on, or why we’re bitter and angry. A person who forgives is able to move forward without any baggage.
The next is forever paying for the mistakes of the ex. Meanwhile the ex is living happily ever after whilst you’re at home bitter, hating treating the next as if they were the person who hurt you.
You haven’t forgiven that family member so now instead of attending gatherings you stay away, you take it out on other family members by placing them all under the same umbrella, your kids don’t know their family all because YOU haven’t forgiven.

Forgiveness is for our own sanity. 

Forgiveness is the key. The moment I realised forgiveness is not about the other person but for you, was the moment I realised where a lot of us are going wrong.

We live In a world where so many of us are running around with all these unresolved issues. I was the biggest offender. Unresolved issues combined with negative thoughts create poisonous toxic behaviour. Violence, anger, resent, jealously just to name a few toxins. It’s not easy to forgive someone who has wronged you but trust me it’s for your own benefit. You forgiving a person or not does not effect that individual in one way, regardless of how you want to look at it or justify it. You not forgiving them gives them power, whilst you become powerless. Holding a grudge is the worse thing you could ever do. That grudge becomes deep rooted and so does all the associated negative attitudes and behaviours. Why are some people bitter and others not? Why are some people so angry at life for no apparent reason? Why are some people so touchy, so defensive? This all comes back to unresolved issues. They can destroy your life if left unchecked. You will become a person who doesn’t deal with things, you’ll sabotage your own life. Have you ever done something and thought to yourself, why am I like this? Look deep and you will see, don’t be afraid of what you find just be prepared to deal with it.

At times we can be our own worst enemy.

Forgiveness is the key, you will be a much happy person if you forgive those who have wronged you. I’ve forgiven everyone who has ever wronged me even if they know it or not, it’s personal. I’ve forgiven myself for all my past wrongs…now I walk around with a skip in my step and a smile on my face. Im so happy deep down inside my core. Wish no harm to no man. Think positive thoughts only, peace, love and happiness and you will attract and portray the same.

Forgiving someone doesn’t mean, you must now be their best friend. You are simply forgiving them for yourself, so you can move on with your life without it having a negative effect on your being.

It takes a strong person to forgive.

Find your strength..


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Photo credit: Ideals Counseling: Forgiveness- A Helpful and Healing Skill

8 thoughts on “Forgiveness Changes Everything

  1. I love this – I just forgave someone who hurt me to the core, he was confused why I was forgiving him but that is the beauty of forgiveness isn’t it? To cleanse our souls…beautiful writing

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