Polluted airwaves spreading propaganda and hate, programs programming us, reporting the news they choose
Why don’t they tell you about all the good deeds and news
Why? Because it goes against their agenda plus bad news gets more views, right

Screen zombies what a sight.. a new generation ready and ripe for the picking
It’s such a shame that some will think wikipedia is set in stone factual literature, never to touch the pages of an actual encyclopaedia

Times change but they don’t always change for the better
We all have a purpose to help educate one another

There is a way, a life full of deeper thoughts and more meaning, instead of negative parasites etching doubt into our minds
Burrowing holes we call insecurity, pitching tents we call self pity

There is a way, a different way of life where we’re calculated with our thoughts, direct with our actions
A way where being present is the only presence we seek
At our peak we’re fully immersed totally engaged, absorbing words extracting meaning before we turn the page

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

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3 thoughts on “Programming..

  1. I loved this. I struggle with this. I have actually recently deleted FB exactly because I realized that I was becoming a screen zombie. The funny thing is when you start talking to people about it, they are quite surprised. Like you need to defend yourself, as if you’re doing something supremely uncool or bad for your health.

    I wonder. Years from now. What the true effects will be, socially, emotionally etc. of screen culture.

  2. Great poem! I have been pushing to get people away from all of the idiot boxes. Nothing but pollution. Everything manifest from thoughts, yet people continually fill their minds with garbage. Then wonder why they’re in certain situations or always feeling down.

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