Deeper sharper & clearer planes

Beating African drums

Beating drums summoning the gods calling to the heavens and holy realms
Deeper sharper and clearer planes
Planes we do not fly but we transcend.. sending selves for self evaluation

It’s self against self, mankind against mankind, meanwhile it’s humanity against technology
Simple hellos replaced by pokes and dm sliding
Phone calls with instant messaging

We live in a time of instant information and live results
A time where we all know how to self medicate but very few will meditate
Drugs can take you higher but is there transparency in an altered reality
Colours and vivid imagery but lacking simplicity

Chasing an artificial high riding metaphorical waves
Following the masses, brain washed.. mentally chained
Beat that drum harder, chant a little bit louder
Does walking and talking mean we’re alive or merely coasting some barely surviving

Dig deeper search inside, its inside within that we find real life
Real meaning, real purpose, something to believe in
This is where we find real freedom
Deeper sharper and clearer planes
Planes we do not fly but we transcend

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

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