Polluted airwaves spreading propaganda and hate, programs programming us, reporting the news they choose Why don’t they tell you about all the good deeds and news Why? Because it goes against their agenda plus bad news gets more views, right Screen zombies what a sight.. a new generation ready and ripe for the picking It’s … Continue reading Programming..

Deeper sharper & clearer planes

Beating drums summoning the gods calling to the heavens and holy realms Deeper sharper and clearer planes Planes we do not fly but we transcend.. sending selves for self evaluation It’s self against self, mankind against mankind, meanwhile it’s humanity against technology Simple hellos replaced by pokes and dm sliding Phone calls with instant messaging … Continue reading Deeper sharper & clearer planes

Technology. Times have changed..

When was the last time I put pen to paper? Autopilot I text write..converted by technology But technology.. is this such a bad thing? Days of past before phones, before emails, generations waited weeks for an apology Waiting on their letter to arrive Could this generation survive? Instant communication, we live in a constant state of … Continue reading Technology. Times have changed..