How much are You worth?!

For what it’s worth I know my worth
I know no words spoken or actions performed can devalue me
You give me praise freely but praise I do not need
I’ll be honest I’ll take your praise, I’ll appreciate your praise, I’ll even raise my hands and be grateful
But for what it’s worth I know my worth
I know your praise does not change my value

To you I’m worth 100 to another I’m worth zero, doesn’t this tell you only you can set your value only you can decide what your worth
So often we put ourselves in situations where another has valued us and we believe that’s our true worth
We put up with things we’d never put up with as we believe that’s what we deserve
I don’t know about you but i’m worth 100, I could be feeling like 20 possibly looking like 10 but my mindset will always be 100
Don’t let anyone tell you what you’re worth

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

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