We’re Always Looking For What Is Already Inside Of Us

We seek answers, we seek understanding, we seek help.. we are always seeking something failing to understand these things we seek are already within us. 

Only you yourself can answer the questions you ask as the answers will varying from person to person due to opinion, due to mindset, they answer based on themselves based on their perspective not based on you. Only you can get the right answers for you, as no one will ever truly be able to put themselves in your shoes.

Alot of the times we seek answers to questions we already deep down inside know the answer to. Ask yourself this, Is it because we do not like what we have found and are seeking out an alternative  which may be easier to swallow? Is it because we do not trust ourselves and hold the opinion of others in higher regard? Or are we simply looking for our answers to be validated ?

Everything we need is already inside of us. We can look to others for it but we will never find it, we will always be looking for something, we will always be searching never truly being satisfied with what we find.

When it comes to your life, its only ever going to be your opinion that really matters because it’s only you that will have to live by it. When you really think about it, the answers you seek only need to be justified to yourself.

It’s your life to live.

All that we need is already inside of us, we just have to be willing to look inside and find it.

-Dionne MT-

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2 thoughts on “We’re Always Looking For What Is Already Inside Of Us

  1. I agree and I thought about it, we know what to do but maybe we are scared and overwhelmed by the answers we found that’s why we need reassurance from others. To comfort us?

    1. Do you know what Joana you’re so right, we’re seeking comfort so we can accept what we already know. I also feel depending on the question and situation it can vary though, sometimes we really don’t like the answer we get and want and alternative but I guess in the end we always end up reverting back to what we know deep down, coming back to your comfort remark 😅 thanks for commenting ✨

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