Broken Families Creating Broken Children.. Life is too short

Life is too short.

Life is too short to hold on to grudges and past pains. Life is too short not to forgive and move on.  

Sometimes we have to put things into perspective, a time must come when we realise that holding onto to such heavy baggage does us no good, all it does is weigh us down. Sometimes we hold on to these past events for so long that we feel like it’s too late to let them go, we feel like we must continue when in facts it’s never too late. We form our own explanations of events replaying them feeding into the negative energy associated with them. 

Life is too short, tomorrow is not promised. It makes me sad to see family members not talking, new generations growing up with out knowing where they have come from. We can not keep repeating the mistakes of past generations, broken families creating broken children, children who grow up angry with unanswered questions. Mothers with holding access to children to spite the father but damaging only the child. You may think you are doing the right thing and that you are justified in your anger but at what point do you think of the child. This child may not understand right now but they will grow up and question things. They may not voice these questions to you but they will ask themselves these questions and formulate their own answers to enable them to be ok.

We hear people speaking of grown adults having “daddy issues” this is a real thing. Your childhood can have a massive impact on your adult life. Unresolved issues will always resurface in some shape or form. 

Brothers and sister not knowing each other, aunties and uncles not knowing their nieces and nephews, cousins walking past each other oblivious to their connection. Broken families. It’s never to late to repair. Love conquers all things.

Life is too short, tomorrow is not guaranteed. Whatever has happened in the past try and find a way to let it go. Find a way to forgive and move on if not for anyone, for your own sake. When you allow such things to fester you can become this bitter angry person almost resenting the world, making life so much more harder for yourself. Ask yourself this, what have you got to loose? Nothing, all you can do is gain. 

Life is too short, forgive today, love today, live today. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

-Dionne MT-

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Life is too short. Forgive and let go. Tomorrow is not guaranteed

12 thoughts on “Broken Families Creating Broken Children.. Life is too short

  1. Unfortunately, we can’t choose our family and some relationships are not worth the toxicity to repair or maintain. On the other hand, I would hate to live a life of regret missing someone or wondering what if; it’s worth a shot to reach out if you are wondering and hoping to [re]connect.

    Great post. Lovely + true.

    1. Yeah I definitely think in some situations you have to at least try, if you can’t reconnect or mend the relationship or whatever the situation is, then you have to try to forgive in your heart so you can truly move on and live your life. No regrets. Thanks Kelley

  2. From the perspective of a divorcee, thank you for sharing this! I have 3 children from my first marriage. The circumstances leading to the divorce, the 200 miles that now separate us, and the financial aftermath can easily bring lasting contention. I have done my best to strive for unity in co-parenting for the emotional health of these precious children. The temptation is always there to do otherwise, so some of us need these reminders.

  3. I agree with the toxicity comment written by Kelly. I have had to stop associating with some family members for this very reason. It wasn’t because of my anger that I let go of them but because of theirs and I had to think about what was best for me and for my children. However, I have also worked a long time on myself to be able to let go of certain things that I knew were weighing me down and affecting my parenting. letting go of that anger was a blessing for me and I’ve been able to be really happy since. In regards to parenting, my ex-husband and I had a pretty bad split but we both made the conscious choice to put our differences aside for our kids so now, even though we are no longer together we can not only be in the same room together but we can hang out with our kids together and it makes our children so much happier. This has also enabled our boys to better understand that mom and dad get along so much better apart and that makes everyone happy. I don’t understand how so many mothers aren’t able to put their own issues aside for their kids. Some situations though, are unavoidable but most, with hard work from both parties, can be improved for the kids. Great post! Thanks for sharing your perspective.

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