The Real Us.

Theres always a part of a story, we never seem to share with certain people. That part that shines the negative light. That side that shows a little bit too much you.

So afraid to show the real us. 

We walk around, masked over pain complaining no one understands, but who can understand your pain? To understand, their eyes must see, ears hear.. but your muted with your mask on.

Until we have been seen at our lowest darkest most uncomfortable place, can we truly say we have been seen? Can we say and truly mean it, when we say a person knows us.

People see what we allow them to see, the pictures we paint are the images formed. What you present is what they see, people then respond accordingly. 

Relationships with loved ones and friends often break down because we spend most of it hiding our true selves, the bond is built on a lie. We’re so quick to call a person a friend when really a friend is someone who will not hesitate to tell you when your in the wrong, they’ll make you shed a tear but then they’ll sit with you and devise a plan to help you. Your closet doesn’t scare them, they know you.

You’ll find as life goes on your circle becomes smaller and more meaningful, those who remain cast no judgement, they have seen your skeletons, they know every side to every story you’d tell. There is no shame in these unions. These are the people you should hold on to and cherish. You should let them know you appreciate them because any relationship be it with a friend, partner or family member where you have to lie, is ultimately conditional.

Until they have seen your bad habits, the demons you battle.. Until they have seen every part of you, they haven’t seen you.

To build meaningful bonds with people we can not be afraid to show the real us. Anything built on a lie will be temporary so It’s better to be accepted for who you are than who you are not. 

If you can’t tell them the whole story you probably shouldn’t be telling them any part.

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