What type of energy are you generating?

The other morning on the way to work I was listen to a podcast by Brendon Burchard from his “the charged life” series which I highly recommend by he way. So in this particular episode he likened us to power plants and in that moment it all made sense to me.He said a power plant does not have energy it generates energy. 

As humans we generate the type of energy we want, be it good or bad energy it’s not automatically there it’s something that we have actively brought about. We can choose to produce good energy by being happy and doing things on a positive frequency or we can choose negative frequency, we can moan we can do all the things which generate negative energy. 

How do you feel? Your answer will tell you exactly what type of energy you’re producing at that precise moment. 

For me when I think of myself as this massive power plant giving of energy to the universe it makes me more aware of the power I have. The energy we’re giving off is directly affecting the world We live in. Wow! Imagine if we was all about peace, love and positivity.. Just imagine how our world would be. 

We are so powerful, all we do has an impact on the world we live in. This world has been shaped by us and continues to be according to the energy we put out there. 

When you change your energy the energy around you changes, the type of people you attract into your life changes. Energy is also contagious be it negative or positive. The more positive you become, the more you start giving of the right energy, those around you will also do the same if they’re open to it or will eventually drift away from you. Opposites do not attract, this is the biggest lie we’ve been fed.

Generate positive energy, leave this world knowing you played your part in making it a better place. 

-Dionne MT-

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2 thoughts on “What type of energy are you generating?

  1. I needed to read this, this morning. Thank you. I love the book “The Secret” and from that I really learned and understood the law of attraction. I couldn’t agree more. Need to think about what we want, not what we are worried might happen.

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