Are You Infecting Or Being Infected?!

Sometimes we have to adjust the settings and realign our minds. It’s so easy to go off track or get distracted by life.  Sometimes we feed our energy into the wrong things. There are some situations we’re going to face in our life where we have to learn not to feed into them.  Energy is … Continue reading Are You Infecting Or Being Infected?!


Random encounters never random universally masterminded  Forces deeper than you can imagine the beauty that is the power of the mind Deep thoughts vibrational energy Connections physical synergy  Understand or to overstand, above and beyond what the eyes can see  Far stretched concepts most refuse to believe What you believe does it impact what I … Continue reading Random?!

This little light of mine

Shining light so bright I feel it beaming out like a lighthouse amongst the dark matter Nothing matters anymore just the warmth of your light protecting me guiding me through this new found happiness Greatness so exuberant in your glow Bouncing energy magnetic flow An internal source unlimited in supply Never far from you all … Continue reading This little light of mine

What type of energy are you generating?

The other morning on the way to work I was listen to a podcast by Brendon Burchard from his "the charged life" series which I highly recommend by he way. So in this particular episode he likened us to power plants and in that moment it all made sense to me.He said a power plant … Continue reading What type of energy are you generating?