Words, actions & progression..

It’s one things to talk about being positive and always seeing the good in every situation, but it’s another thing to actually do it.

We all talk such a good game but what really counts is your actions when faced with these difficult situations. Do you revert to your typical behaviour or do you choose to put into practice what you’re preaching or learning?

Recently I’ve been faced with a few situations which in the past I would have dealt with so differently. The type of situations that tests your patience. The type to steal your joy from right under your nose.

The first step is recognising that you’re in a testing situation. We have to be able to assess our mental attitude, be aware of what we are actually thinking within our subconscious. This is where paying attention to your feelings is important. I’m constantly asking myself D how do you feel right now? What am I thinking about at this exact moment? If the feedback is negative I make the necessary adjustments within to regain my peace.

A few weeks ago I went back to hospital for a shoulder review before I had my CT scan. I wasn’t very happy with what the doctor was telling me, I felt my body tense up and could see myself getting really downbeat and upset about the whole situation again. I could see myself slipping into a dark place, a place where you’re so fed up you give up and literally wallow in self pity. Call it what you like, many won’t admit it but many know this place well.

When my appointment finished I just continued to sit there in silence..he must have thought I was so strange! Whilst the doctor had been talking I had been focusing on my internal dialogue.

I mentally talked myself out of the typical behaviour I would have normally chosen and made an executive decision to respond differently. I was then able to convey my concerns with the right energy behind it. I told myself.. It’s ok I’ve waited this long, whats another week or four?! My internal dialogue consisted of positive thinking, visualising my end goal and reminding myself not to be afraid to challenge a doctor and express my concerns. 

I came out of the consultation room feeling great, I had just won the battle. To be aware, to be conscious is the best feeling in the world. It felt so great to walk out of there knowing my peace remained.

Although I was hoping I would have had my third set of surgery by now, I’m remaining positive.

Although I only expected to be in extra pain for a week or two after my arthroscopy I’m staying positive.

I’m looking at the pain as a reminder of what will no longer be. Your mindset is everything. This pain will one day no longer be. This pain has given me so much strength and mental resilience. Yes there are days I just want to scream, tear my arm out of the socket and rock up to A&E..on a here you go fix me now please and thank you vibe.. but on those days; I have my little moment, shed a few tears if need be and I get back to my positive thinking.

At the end of the day It’s all a learning process. We can’t expect change instantly over night, so therefore we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves. Its about progress, eventually as time goes on these things will become automatic.

Be aware.

Conscious living will change your life.

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3 thoughts on “Words, actions & progression..

  1. You’re right, talking by itself is useless if it’s not followed up by actions. My one and only resolution this year is simply to try and live life in the now and to enjoy every moment. We only get one chance at this life. Happy new year to you, hope 2016 is a great one for you.

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