The Answer is You.

When you’re in a bad place or having a little moment it can sometimes be hard to remember all the things you know you can do to get yourself out of it. You sometimes forget all those things you say to others when they are feeling low and you try to pick them up. We’re all only human after all, no one is immune to a bad day. No one.

The key is to live by the words we speak or our words will no longer carry any weight. Actions speak louder than word is a subject I touched on in a previous post, to live by the words you preach is the best validation you could ever ask for.

As humans I feel  we all make the mistake of relying on others way to often, our happiness our everything is so often dependent on another being. We must take back the power we’ve given to such people and gain control of our own lives our own emotions.

Everything we need to overcome every obstacle in our life is right there inside of us waiting to be used. Stop waiting on another to show you your worth, to show you how to smile, to show you all you are capable of. The help or input another has to offer should be a bonus, it shouldn’t be the only resource you have. We’re all capable of building ourselves up, we shouldn’t place such responsibility on another person. Playing that role in someone’s life can become very draining very quickly.

Everything starts with us. Another person can offer guidance and tips but they can not walk your journey for you. They can light the way but only you can take the steps it takes to reach your destination. 

We all have the strength within.


Look Within
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Let this serve us as a little reminder.. Everything in life starts with you and ends with you.

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

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