No more lies, No more excuses

A point comes when you no longer have any excuses to tell yourself, all the reasons you use to justify why you haven’t started a certain project or given up that annoying bad habit eventually run out. You can lie to everyone around you, you can even lie to yourself for awhile but after awhile … Continue reading No more lies, No more excuses

Learning Never Stops. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

They say play to your strengths, I say develop your weaknesses. We will never reach new heights if we're not willing to push and test ourselves. Playing to our strengths is all good and dandy but we will never grow to our full potential by doing this. Sometimes we have to step outside of our … Continue reading Learning Never Stops. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Why compare?! 

We are all uniquely made, we can not compare ourselves to another. We are all different, we all respond and deal with things in different ways. We need to learn to accept this fact because although we all know this we still have a tendency to compare ourselves. You can only compare two like for … Continue reading Why compare?! 

Weakness To Strength: Mistakes

   There comes a point in our life, when we must actually learn from our mistakes.We sometimes cover up our mistakes by saying things such as, you live and you learn.. but without actually learning anything. If we're continuously making the same mistakes over and over again, what have we really learnt?  We can not … Continue reading Weakness To Strength: Mistakes