Why compare?! 

We are all uniquely made, we can not compare ourselves to another. We are all different, we all respond and deal with things in different ways. We need to learn to accept this fact because although we all know this we still have a tendency to compare ourselves. You can only compare two like for like things so the moment we start comparing ourselves with another unique being we’re setting ourselves up to fail. 

Another’s life can not be used as a benchmark to judge ourselves. You can only judge yourself accordingly to the goals you set yourself. Success to you may be failure to another and vice versa. It’s all about perception, no one can tell you what a win is for you other than you. 

Don’t focus on being better than anyone, don’t focus on trying to achieve what your neighbour has. Instead set yourself your own goals and aim to obliterate them

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release 

Do not underestimate yourself by comparing yourself to others
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2 thoughts on “Why compare?! 

  1. So true, what other people think of as success my not be mine. Some people may need a mansion or beach house, while others may only need a happy family to define themselves successful.

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