Deeper sharper & clearer planes

Beating drums summoning the gods calling to the heavens and holy realms Deeper sharper and clearer planes Planes we do not fly but we transcend.. sending selves for self evaluation It’s self against self, mankind against mankind, meanwhile it’s humanity against technology Simple hellos replaced by pokes and dm sliding Phone calls with instant messaging … Continue reading Deeper sharper & clearer planes

“I can’t believe you still live at home”

Sometimes we have to put things into perspective. We can’t judge our achievements according to the achievements of others. Someone said to me the other day “I can’t believe you still live at home with your mum” and I just laughed because I thought to myself life really is all about perspective. I could have … Continue reading “I can’t believe you still live at home”

I wonder..

Should I dumb down my intelligence to seem relevant To fit in with crowd as not to intimidate others I wonder... Should I speak in slang wa gwarns that's nang gang gang gang   Do I scare them off because I'm not superficial just concerned with their beauty it's the substance within that will hold … Continue reading I wonder..

Is This Life?! There Is Hope..

Living by my own rules I won't be fooled Why should you By a society living to preserve the divide Aiming to increase the divide  We're riding the wave back and fourth like the tide  I grew in a time when playing outside was life Now we keep kids inside in fear of a knife  … Continue reading Is This Life?! There Is Hope..

We fall, we trip, we stumble

  Regain focus get your priorities in check Its your life to live or it's your life to wreck Life is what you make it Many fake it until they break it So many living a lie They've given up, they no longer try The lies we tell ourselves, yeah I'm ok yeah I'm fine … Continue reading We fall, we trip, we stumble