Is This Life?! There Is Hope..

Living by my own rules I won’t be fooled
Why should you
By a society living to preserve the divide
Aiming to increase the divide 
We’re riding the wave back and fourth like the tide 

I grew in a time when playing outside was life
Now we keep kids inside in fear of a knife 
It this really life? Is this the times we’re living in
Where the young are getting worse and bragging on social media is winning
No activities for the youth because number 10’s cutting funding 
Less parental visibility stuck working double shifts is this living or surviving

The rich complain at the thought of paying more taxes 
Normal folk don’t want to vote as they don’t see the changes
It’s a vicious circle a toxic merry go round, of looking over our shoulder for terrorist jumping at loud sounds

Is there hope for humanity? There must be hope 
If we rise above and transpire to inspire young minds
This isn’t just black or white lives it’s all lives
The youth are the future the future is today’s actions
Today’s actions simply put.. tomorrow’s ramifications

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release 

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