I wonder..

Should I dumb down my intelligence to seem relevant
To fit in with crowd as not to intimidate others
I wonder…
Should I speak in slang wa gwarns that’s nang gang gang gang  

Do I scare them off because I’m not superficial just concerned with their beauty it’s the substance within that will hold me 
Or is it because of their lack of depth being exposed for all to see
I wonder..

For years they’ve been skating by with their pretty faces and slim waists reeling them in with sweet fucks with fuck all to say
That was fine when we was younger seeking trophies and a toy to play
How can I speak this way? Am I not just painting what many are afraid to say 
I wonder..

She said I speak so well but to the well spoken I’m common as hell
It’s all subjective and standards 
Standard to some is extraordinary to others but still we try and compare ourselves to one another

Deep conversations one minute the next acting a fool dancing around light hearted if only you knew 
Trust me there are many chapters to a book different coloured sides to a rubix cube

Never intimidated never vocally sedated 
High class no class we’re all the same just energy in motion 
I’ll always do me and stay true to I and so should you this is my conclusion 

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

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