Releasing.. Meltdown preventing 

A pain so insane my core temperature is constantly rising Sometimes I don't even understand how I'm really surviving My pain threshold will deceive you The way I smile to get through The way I keep going will mislead you To drown in self pity is the day I'll rue Chronic pain orthopaedic sufferers I … Continue reading Releasing.. Meltdown preventing 

One way or another, we’ll be alright..

Hope Through Pain

Hello world.. It’s me. It’s been awhile since I’ve been on this one. For those who aren’t aware, I have two blogs- one focused on life with chronic pain, and one on my other love and passion- all things style/fashion. I’ve been so focused on turning that into a thing, I haven’t written to you lately. I think now would be a good time.

I’m not one to complain. My number one rule in life is unless you’ve done everything you can to change the situation you have no place to complain. All rules have exceptions, but I try hard to live by that. I feel that I have followed this rule, and I’m really at my wits end lately.

I’m laying in bed, have been up for awhile. I find myself getting lost in the music streaming through my beats. I am overwhelmed with gratefulness for all of the…

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