Just Sometimes..

Sometimes I’m in so much pain I can barely talk
My frown is deep deep in thought
Eyes pleading my body language speaks
To open my mouth and speak an effort energy I need to keep
To keep me sane, to keep me standing to keep me going 
Who’s pretending everything’s ok?
Just sometimes I can’t pretend or smile through the pain
Sometimes I think to myself is this some sick twisted game
You ask am I ok and it’s easier to say yes than try to explain this invisible anguish and pain
Who would imagine every day I’m in excruciating angony you say again
I say again? it never went away
But If you can’t physically see it then there’s no need to worry right
A constant fight a tricky plight 
We’re a society of pretending to read papers not catching anothers gaze
We’re a society transfixed In our little bubbles see you struggling but won’t be fazed
Too busy to stop and help the old lady
Rushing to jobs bringing misery no synergy
Priorities misguided beliefs unfounded 
Just sometimes I loose my faith somewhere between a rock and a hard place 
Forever and a day never 
Only ever temporarily misplaced
Just sometimes

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

As I was writing this to stop me from rambling on I used the word prompts for Day 9 of the #30LAYERS30DAYS writing challenge to help me come to a close: Faith and Forever

Click here to check out Day 5.

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