Creator & Destroyer

Life is what you make it Stop and smell the roses The aroma of fresh bread  The sound of birds Embrace change  Bask in a multitude of internal joy Can pleasure ever out do this joy A happiness that comes from within A happiness created by you, destroyed by you enhanced by you -Dionne MT- … Continue reading Creator & Destroyer

Ignite your fire

Happiness is a state of mind another can enhance it but another can never create it.  Happiness resides within all of us sometimes laying dormant awaiting to be awakened awaiting to be stirred. Once resurrected and recognition of self occurs one can never go back to being the same.  When you understand that happiness begins … Continue reading Ignite your fire

4.55AM Thoughts 

We can not spend our lives worrying about what others think about us. The lies they tell in regards to you will never stand up, they will be seen for the lies they are. The truth always win. We can not spend our lives worrying about what others think about us. Someone will always have … Continue reading 4.55AM Thoughts 

Weakness To Strength: Mistakes

   There comes a point in our life, when we must actually learn from our mistakes.We sometimes cover up our mistakes by saying things such as, you live and you learn.. but without actually learning anything. If we're continuously making the same mistakes over and over again, what have we really learnt?  We can not … Continue reading Weakness To Strength: Mistakes