Ignite your fire

Happiness is a state of mind another can enhance it but another can never create it. 

Happiness resides within all of us sometimes laying dormant awaiting to be awakened awaiting to be stirred. Once resurrected and recognition of self occurs one can never go back to being the same. 

When you understand that happiness begins with self, that happiness is something that comes from within created by the mindset we hold how can you ever look at life the same way. 

It’s impossible.

We all have a light within us, we just have to learn how to open up and let our light shine through. If it takes someone to bring your light out that’s okay but just understand the light was always there, all they did was ignite a fire that had been put out by life and the troubles and tribulations it can bring us.

This world can be a cold place at times, don’t let it dim your light or put out your fire.. regardless.

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release.

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