Me & My Thoughts.. Release. 

Everything happens for a reason, a reason you do not have to understand at that exact moment in time. If you truly believe and take peace in the fact, that everything which is happening is indeed happening in your best interest, then worry not. Sit back and relax. The reason will eventually been seen. Open … Continue reading Me & My Thoughts.. Release. 

There is hope..

We got a few folks still living a lie, believing the lie.They lie about who they are, they lie about what they stand for. The realest stand up and tell the truth, the realest will take what comes next. Regardless. Stand up. We must face up to our problems. I spent years running from mine, … Continue reading There is hope..

The reasoning is everything

This year when my mum asked me what I wanted for Christmas, instead of responding with the usual money! Which is of course inadvertently spent on your typical Christmas season, turn ups, takeaways and family gatherings. This year I said do you know what mum, let me get back to you. Every year people feel … Continue reading The reasoning is everything

Life..a never ending..

“Greatness, each individuals definition differing from another’s.
Society yet to grasp the true understanding of this statement..”

I wrote this back in September 2014 on my old site Cloudywaves, looking back at my words sometimes surprises me. There are so many valid points.. I read this back and I see that I have always known; there is so much more to life than meets the eye.

The conscious life…


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Life..a never ending circle of joy, pain and loss.

To be loved we yearn..but to love many are yet to learn
Yet to fully understand the true meaning, yet to grasp the depth

Life..a never ending gurantee.. Death

Life..each day for living, regretting nothing but not living..Not dreaming, aspiring to be more, aspiring for greatness.

Greatness, each individuals definition differing from another’s.
Society yet to grasp the true understanding of this statement..
We measure ourselves against another’s definition
The outcome, a society of competing egos..
A society where we desire what is not ours to desire, spending beyond our means, borrowing to feed our unquenchable greed

Life the biggest learning curve we ever embark on
So many plateauing way before their true level has been achieved..

Do we ever reach this level?

Learning..a never ending lesson..


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Taaffeite.. Rare

Take a walk in my shoes, let's see how far you get.  I could never walk your steps, and you could never walk mine.. So why do we always try and compare our lives to the next? Didn't anyone tell you.. You're so unique. Every hair follicle, every wrinkle.. Stop trying to compete.  There's not … Continue reading Taaffeite.. Rare