Freedom, Power & Happiness. Own it..

Life is literally what we make it. So many people say this but few embrace it and live by their own mantra.

Sometimes we can get so caught up on things which in the grand scheme of this universe and it’s wonders are actually the little things, doing nothing but draining us of energy and life to the point we forget how to live.. we forget how to enjoy life. 

Something’s are just not worth stressing over. When you realise that you let go of all the pettiness, you let go of all the worry and you just live life.. not the way you think you’re suppose to or what’s expected of you but simply the way you want to. 

Now that’s what I call this freedom. The freedom to be you.

Life is what you make it. It really is. You could be singing in the raining or crying on millions. It’s our mindset that determines our happiness not material things. Nothing externally can give us true happiness, the happiness that comes from these things are temporary fleeting moments of happiness. 

With the right mindset we can have a love for life that surpasses how much money we have in the bank or who we have in our beds. Happiness that comes from within can never be taken away from you , you hold the keys, you control it, you own it. 

Now that’s what I call power, the power to be happy.

-Dionne MT-

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