A Response Isn’t Always Needed.. Protect Your Peace

There’s a time and place for everything. 

We have to learn when our input is going to help a situation or make it worse. We have to learn to practice restraint at times. 

Self discipline is a must.

It’s easier to loose control and react to situations adrenaline filled no brain all emotion than to take time to assess a situation before responding. In the heat of the moment this is so hard but something that can be done with practice and awareness. We have to be able to spot our triggers, figure out what ticks us off.

Prevention is always better than cure. Some think silence equates to weakness when in reality it takes so much more strength to remain silent in the midst of a storm.

It’s also good to note that not every situation requires a reaction, have you ever thought for a moment that sometimes this is exactly what people want. Some want to provoke a reaction from you, get inside your mind and steal your peace. This is when having a discerning eye comes in handy. Not everything is always as it seems, peoples motives and intentions are not always clear. This is why we have to learn to rise above all the superficial petty stuff and not be moved by every blowing wind.

The erratic nature of our emotions can be so draining both physically and mentally.

Mental stability can be such a hard thing to achieve, the ability to be at peace and remain at peace regardless or what is going on around us but it is something we all should aim to achieve. 

Don’t let anybody or anything steal your peace. Life is too short.

Peace, Love & Positivity

-Dionne MT-

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